Mice On Mars

When Elon Musk said "we're going to Mars!", no one thought about asking what does he mean by "we". Surprisingly (for some), a few years later, the world realized he was talking about his mice! Hard feelings aside, the bucket was ready to take off, and everyone was looking forward to see the conclusion of this elaborate and expensive plan. Minutes after the departure, when asked by a reported "What if something goes wrong?", Mr. Musk responded casually, "I guess, they'll fix it!" As expected, just before landing, the old pipes of the flying boiler started to leak steam. After a few hours of staring at the schematics, you feel like the two kind of pipes, red and blue, are linked to the two engines of the ship. Leaking too much steam from one, comparing to the other, seems to produce a very unpleasant spinning sensation. So balancing your repairing efforts, could be the key. Also, loosing too much power in general, sends you on a fast way down to the hard red soil. Putting these technical details aside, you and your "mice-nauts" fellows, don't want to make Mr. Musk look bad now, not to mention dying by crashing into the red planet. So, it's time to "fix" it! NOTES: - Work together with your trusty companions! 4 mice are always better than 2, while going alone, that's... suicidal. - 4 Xbox controllers supported, 2 players may play on keyboard. - Use Left Stick / DPad / Arrows / WASD to move on pipes. Tap button A / Left Control / Right Control on leaks to fix them. - When landing, keep the ship in position, with enough power, balanced between the two engines. *** This is a humourous video game. All the respect to Mr. Musk and his work. ***
Jam year: 
A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Using XInputDotNet for Unity.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the game from the GoogleDrive link, unzip and play.
The game supports only Xbox controllers (or compatible), since it uses XInputDotNet plugin.
Can be played in 1-4 players. Difficulty was set for 3 or 4 players.


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