Board game about collaborative skills and personal dexterity while managing subway services within the subway’s public infrastructure. It’s a real time game, where you and up to six players collaborate to control the subway cars to take passengers and subway personnel while fixing chaos like floods, thefts and accidents. All of you have to collaboratively by fulfilling an increasing amount of tasks per round of just two minutes. The round primarily consists of dispatching maintenance and police personnel from a subway station to another, to solve contingencies like theft and maintenance, as all of you are trying to keep everyone on board safe, as accidents may occur and hinder normal operations, further than the original ones created per round.
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A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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  • Deplete the draw event, as you fulfill tasks within every consecutive round.


  • Board:
    • Seven colored subway lines:
      • Subway stations, the formal board squares with the following types:
        • Initial Station (with an arrow).
        • Normal station (no fill).
        • Intersection station (with more than two rounded colored lines).
        • Grand central station (with a blue house).
      • Colored connections for every subway line.
  • Draw event pile. With the current playable stations.
  • Discard event pile. With the played stations.
  • Unassigned stations pile. With the not yet playable stations.
  • Two minute timer.
  • Station tokens:
    • Three maintenance tokens (defined by only one yellow person)..
    • Seven wild tokens (defined by both yellow and blue persons).
  • Personnel tokens:
    • Two maintenance personnel tokens.
    • Two police personnel tokens.
    • Six thief tokens.
    • Twenty eight citizen tokens.
  • Event cards. 
    • Type of spawn:
    • Thief spawn (ladrón).
    • Flood spawn (conserje).
    • Wild spawn (comodín)
  • Station, number and line (by color).
  • Seven subway cars, each colored to correspond to one line.

How to play:


  • Clear the board.
  • Place the station tokens in a reachable spot near the board.
  • Start with the ordered number of lines active as the number of active players (check the inauguration line list to determine which lines have priority to play first).
  • Place the subway cars of those playing lines at the initial station for every line involved in this first round.
  • For the active lines, take the event cards of those involved lines, shuffle this deck and place the deck in the draw event pile.
  • The remaining event cards are placed in the unassigned stations pile.
  • Place two police personnel tokens and two maintenance personnel tokens at the grand central station.

Round preparation

  • If it’s not the first round, inaugurate the next line of the subway (check the inauguration line list), by placing the subway car of its color at the starting station of that line. Add all the events cards of that line from the unassigned stations pile in the draw deck and shuffle them.
  • Keep the maintenance personnel token and police personnel token at their current station or boarding that subway car.
  • Add one citizen for all the subway cars on playing on the board with a limit of four citizens per subway car.
  • Then draw the number of event cards equivalent to the round that will be played. Even if the subway car is full, it has three more spaces, one to board a police personnel token, one to board a maintenance personnel token and one for a thief token.
  • Every drawn event card consists in placing a station token or thief token at a station where the next card of the draw event pile’s dorso indicates, even if there is any token in that station, it will spawn there.
    • A flood spawn invokes a flood token which blocks that board square / station, until the maintenance personnel boarding a subway car lands on that board square / station.
    • A wild spawn invokes a wild token blocks the line, until a maintenance or police personnel boarding a subway car lands on that board square / station.
    • A thief spawn invokes a thief token on a station, he / she will be apprehended when a police personnel is at the same board square / station or boarding the same subway car.
  • Discard every event card at the discard pile.
  • Prepare the countdown timer with two minutes.

Round execution

  • The round starts by playing the timer. 
  • Players make their actions (check the player’s action section for further details).
  • The win condition of the round is, If there aren’t any flood, wild, or thief tokens on the board before the timer ends, all players move to the next round.
  • The fail condition for the game is, when the timer stops and if there’s at least one unresolved flood, wild, or thief tokens on the board.
  • The win condition for the game is, when all the draw event cards have been discarded and by the end of that round the win condition of that round is achieved, all players win the game.

Player’s actions

  • All players move the subway cars cooperatively from one station to the next free station within the same line.
    • The subway car could be moved back and forth in its same line, according to the player’s needs.
    • It could be moved to an intersection station if it’s labeled as the same line / color and if the intersection station is free.
    • A player cannot move two or more subway cars at a time.
    • Subway cars cannot jump others or share the same station (even if they are labeled as different lines).
    • It cannot move to a flood and wild tokened station, unless they’re boarded by the personnel token that could remove that event token from the board.
    • Once a player moves a subway car, he / she cannot move that same subway car again, until another player moves that player car.
    • Subway cars transport personnel and citizen tokens.
      • If the player tosses any kind of token, a wild token is placed on the previous station the subway car was parked. Then, all tokens have to be placed again on top of the subway car.
      • If a subway car arrives at a station with a thief token, the thief token automatically boards the subway car, but only one thief could board the subway car.
      • If in that same subway car a police personnel is on board, the thief token is removed from the board.
  • Board a maintenance or police personnel from any kind of station by placing it on top of the subway car. A subway car could only be boarded by one police personnel and (also) one maintenance personnel.
    • Once a police personnel boards a subway car with a thief token on board, remove that thief token from the board.
  • Unboard a maintenance or police personnel from a subway car to a station. Then the personnel stays there, until another player decides to board this token on the same or another subway car.

Inauguration line list

  • 1º: Green
  • 2º: Pink
  • 3º: Blue
  • 4º: Orange
  • 5º: Brown
  • 6º: Purple
  • 7º: Red

- Dani Coyotzi Borja

- Raúl González

- Alan Vazquez

- Jorge Sotomayor Díaz de Cossio

- Aaron Pardo Gómez

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