Mending Too Late ~ 为时已晚

We get the idea from recent epidemic, in order to show that mending is never too late through the hurt has left. We use needle and thread to express treatment, players need to keep healthy people from infected people through a limited number of thread.Making no one infected is your only goal. /Use MouseLeftButton to link Lines between two bricks. /Press R key to retry a stage. /Pressing Esc key can skip the stage begining show. /If the game is too blight, press L key to turn the blight level down. And O key can turn it up. /If the game runs slowly, press K key to turn te image quality down. And I key can turn it up. /用鼠标左键在砖块之间连线 /按R键重试关卡 /Esc键可以跳过关卡开头展示 /如果游戏过亮,按L键调低亮度,以及O键可调高亮度 /如果游戏卡顿,按K键调低画质,以及I键调高它
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