Mending of the Equinox

You are Luna, a space explorer that was sent on a mission to scout the planet Zota - B2. There you find that the planet is plagued with hostile forces to the Union. After being discovered shortly after entering the atmosphere, your ship, The Equinox, is severely damaged and unable to make the Light Speed jump to go back to your planet.Your only option is to repair the ship and equip it to save yourself from the Pirate's motherhip that's patroling your only way out. You need a new engine, so you can make the light speed jump out of the hostile's reach, a better set of weapons to defend yourself against the opposing forces and a better armor to be able to go against the atmospheric forces. It's up to you to survive, but there's one issue, going out in the morning will make you easier to spot by the enemies that surround the area. The night will be your cover, but will also be theirs. Escape, come back home safely...
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Art: Jorge Sobalvarro & Luis Villalta Gameplay: Daniel Alvarez & Mauricio Rivas Music: Victor Cruz

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