Magical Fixer

A 2D static infinite screen platformer with "game-boy" style graphics. Quickly run to the broken blocks that appear and repair them before they fall apart! Story: In a magical world where people can repair things with magic, one of the mages has to repair broken blocks that come his way interdimensionally to send them back all fixed. However, the interdimensional travel is unstable, and if they're not repaired quickly, blocks will fall apart. To play: - Left and Right arrows to move - Up arrow to jump - Spacebar to repair blocks when the character is next to them
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Technology Notes: 
Krita Godot Game Engine Pro Tools for sound Reaper
Installation Instructions: 

In the executables folder there is a .exe next to a .pck. As long as both are together, the .exe should work. Thanks!


Game Design, Graphics and Development:
Oliver Villar Diz (@blendtuts)

Music and Sound:
Emilio (gatocan)
Inaki85 (Turbo)
Alex Gayoso (Alexal)
Gonzalo Mace (Gonzalomace)

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