Pirates and Lasers

You are a ghost pirate, bound to a ship that has been taken by clueless mortals on a voyage to the Bahamas. There are two problems with this plan - they don't know how to sail a ship, and they keep firing off the lasers they brought aboard! Keep the ship sailing as long as you can while lasers tear your ship asunder, managing resources and preventing damage to critical areas. The closer you make it to the Bahamas, the longer you can spend your spectral retirement in paradise. This game is played with Blinks, a smart tabletop game system. There are two types of Blinks - Ship Blinks, which have health and the ability to transfer health to any neighboring Ship Blink, and Hazard Blinks, which fire lasers out in three directions, damaging any part of the Ship in its path. A turn has three stages - Rearrange, Repair, and Lasers! During Rearrange, Ship and Hazard Blinks are moved to prevent damage. During Repair, resources can be moved from one part of the Ship to another. During Lasers!, the Hazard Blinks fire off their lasers, dealing damage to any part of the Ship in its path. The game ends when any part of the Ship hits zero health. See how many turns you can survive in a given scenario!
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Spectral Scallywags:

Michael Cooper - Programmer
Priscilla McGann - Visual Designer and UX Designer
Theo Johnson - UX Research and Design
Ian Cummins - Design and Concept Art

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