La Clinica per Golem disagiati del Dott. Gustav Meyrink

This the old city of Prague, and you are the apprentice at Dr. Meyrink's clinic for distressed Golems. Your duty, using the ancient medical theory of the four humors, is to identify and tweak the right organ for the right behavioural quirk. You will help the Golems turn to normality and finally let them do their daily work and be productive members of society. But now we have to ask ourselves: Who is weird? Them, who behave strangely, or us, that want uniformity in the pursuit of enforced normality? Who knows. Special thanks go to Codemotion Rome and Luiss Enlabs for organising this year Global Game Jab, to all our fellow jammers for fun, creativity, ideas and wonderful hours spent together. No Golem have been hurt in the making of this game! We will soon pack a new and localised english version of this game and put it somewhere for all to play it. Just have faith in Golems.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Team Ore:
Ivan Preziosi (Radical Fiction): Game Design, Coding, Audio
Roberto Zangaro: Unity gameplay dev, Animation, Game Design
Diego Sacchetti (Morbidware): Graphic Artist, Ui Design, Game Design

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