Kintsugi is a board game that includes puzzles. Using the idea of Kintsugi - repairing things using gold - the player repairs puzzles. The first puzzle repaired wins!
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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For 2-4 Players


Each player chooses a game token to represent them on the board.


Each player rolls the dice 1 time to determine the order of play.  The player with the highest roll goes first and play continues in a clockwise fashion.


To place their game piece on the board, the player must roll a 1.  At that time, the player may choose to place their game piece on any blank square.  Play moves in a clockwise direction.


With each turn after getting piece on the board, the player rolls the dice and moves the designated space(s).  If the player lands on a blank space, they are safe and they remain there with no further action. If they land on a flowered space, they collect one piece of their puzzle.  If they land on a space with a black outline, they must give a piece of the puzzle back.


Play continues until one player REPAIRS their puzzle. The first to do so is the winner.

How to make Kintsugi - 

  Board - The board should be round with 31 spaces ( 4 black outlined squares, 8 flowered squares)

  Puzzles - 4 puzzles need to apart of the game, they can be store-bought or hand-painted.

  Player Pieces - 4 player pieces are necessary, though you can play with at least 2 players

  Dice - One 6 sided die is necessary




Annie James


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