Kintsugi is the legendary japanese art of repairing vases with gold, not to hide imperfections but to tell its story. In this game, you're a pot maker that must repair as many vases as possible within the allowed time. Notice that each of them includes yokais/onis that are represented by its forms and drawings. Each vase incorporates a small "puzzle" minigame you should complete before you rebuild it, each one relating to its drawings. Kintsugi is designed for mobile devices, thus giving the general public a kindly approach to japanese culture and its mythical stories. Play Kintsugi and unravel the secrets of a millenary art. Team: - Programming: Juan Gómez, Vicente Cupello. - 2D Artist: Pedro Barragán, Alejandro Pérez. - 3D Artist: Santiago Morales. - Narrative: Alejandro Pérez. - Music: Enrique Maldonado. - Game Design: Everyone!
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MS Windows, Android device
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Unity (any product)
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3DSMax, FL Studio (Trial Version), Photoshop
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