Kalib Roi

You find yourself stranded on a broken spaceship. You must calibrate the navigation equipment with a bit glitchy console in order to find your way back home. This game uses a custom controller built with Arduino Uno while the main game is running On Raspberry Pi Zero with 4" HyperPixel display. The game was also coded using the same setup. Hints: Blue button shows you screen name and target value. Other buttons swap between screens. Use the three potentiometers to adjust values.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
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Raspberry Pi Zero, HyperPixel 4", Arduino UNO, custom electronics.
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Install Raspbian with Processing on SD card and set up your Raspberry Pi to work with Hyperpixel.

Build the controller. You need 3 10kOhm potentiometers, 3 push-buttons and Arduino Uno.

Connect middle pins of potentiometers to A0, A1 and A2 on Arduino.

Connect left side pin of potentiometers to GND.

Connect right side pin of potentiometers to +5V.

Connect one side of each button to GND and other sides to pins 13, 12 and 11 on Arduino.

Connect Arduino to your Raspi via USB.

Program Arduino with the included sketch, found in Arduino folder.

Run kalib_roi startup script. Alternatively open kalib_roi.pde in Processing on Raspi and run it. You might need to change the serial port depending on your setup.



Code: Teppo Kauppinen
Shader: Henri Sarasvirta, Teppo Kauppinen
Font: Orbitron licensed under Open Font License

Kudos to people behind https://github.com/mrautio/graffathon19-demo-one-scene

Greetings to demosceners and all jammers!

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