Jorma's (mom's) cabin in the woods

Jorma took his friends Urho, Ahti and Raimo to the cabin. They have had a fun time until now, but they have to keep it clean when Jorma's mom comes to check out tomorrow. It doesn't help that one of them drinks too much and starts making a mess. Take care of your friend that gets a "bit" tipsy. But look-out, it might be you! ------ Required: 2-4 players and controllers. Semi okay PC. How to: - First one to get the power-up: Beer, becomes crazy drunk. Press A button to hit things and create havok in this mode. - Other players should repair the damage left behind and try to comfort and slow down the most drunken one. Press A to pickup and carry items back to repair the damage caused.
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A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Aura2, ToonyColorsPro2, and Quick Outline were used to get the graphics style on point.
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Download files and start from .exe. Controllers required for playing, xboxControllers tested.


Juuso Salminen, Jami Aho, Antti Lindstéd, Antta Kilpeläinen, Sami Laukkanen, Sakari Ekqvist, Oskari Rautala.

No source available. We can't share Aura2, ToonyColorsPro2 plugins which were used in the project.

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