Oh no! Evil bacteria have invaded human body! You have to repair it by killing all bacteria while avoiding killing healthy pills. Use pen and digital ink and cross over the bacteria or circle them to remove them from body. Six levels are available for each difficulty level. You should start with putting your signature (may be completely incomprehensible, like for every doctor!) in the welcome screen. Time spent on each level is summed into your total result.
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Getting Emojinal
Seriously, who are you?
MS Windows
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UWP app, requires Windows 10 1809 or later. Pen or touch not required but recommended - you can play with mouse.
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Unzip, and install by double-clicking the MSIXBUNDLE file. Sideloading must be enabled in your Windows 10 - From your home screen, tap Settings > Update & security > For developers. On the For developers screen, select Sideload apps option (or Developer mode).

Fresh beta builds are available at


Code and overall design: Marcin "Ktos" Badurowicz

Music (background and SFX) by Gravity Sound:

All graphics are emoji, by default Windows 10's Segoe UI Emoji font.

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