If These Walls Could Talk

Wow! This house is a real fixer-upper! It’s gonna need a lot of work, but I’m sure you can get some help. Maybe you need a tenant who is handy with a hammer, or maybe a neat-freak to help clean up and keep everything tidy? If you pool your rent $$ you’ll be able to afford all the much-needed repairs, and maybe even purchase a few improvements! But be careful, different tenants will have different tastes, and if they get too upset they might cause problems… In this game you start with an old run-down fixer-upper of a house. You have to select tenants to live in the house. They pay you rent and they help (or hinder) cleaning, fixing. You have to manage the house, choosing repairs and upgrades, and try and keep everyone happy while you restore the house to its former glory. Built with Unity. Play on Windows.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Kyle Ennis - Programming

Cam Braithwaite - Art

Matt Riddett - Programming

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