I <3 Trains

All the trains, all the time! Create and maintain your own train system. Keep your riders happy in order to generate income. Use income to purchase parts that will allow you to repair your tracks and stations. The bigger your train system the harder it gets. Let's see how much time to you last. Instructions: Build station: Click on any square on the grid. Once selected, review the cost and click on the contextual panel on the bottom right. Build a track: Click on an existing station. Review the cost and click on the contextual panel on the bottom right. Click on the connecting station. No diagonal connections. Repair: Click on the broken element. Review the cost on the contextual panel. If you have enough resources, click on the panel to repair. Acquire Resources: Click on the respective resource icon. Change the quantity on the pop up menu and review the total cost. Return to main menu: Press the ESC key. Good luck!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Victor Egea - Programming
Calder Archinuk - Programming
Rei Sato - 2D
Mario E. Granillo - 3D
Scott Wilson - 3D
Dan Murray - Music
Yann Joslin - SFX
Luis Fernando Garza - SFX
Hyeongseob Kim - SFX
Scott Thompson - Walla

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