Grim Repair Oy.

In ye olde Grim Repair is thine task to keep the royal toiletteries tippity top.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Play here:

How shouldst one playeth (WITH SOUND ON):

•  Hath  LEFT  and  RIGHT  arrow keys to open toilettes
•  Presseth  A  to scythe the wild beestes rats that plague the piperies
•  Presseth  S  to ex'rcise the demon possessed toilettes with holy wat'r
•  Presseth  D  to useth a wrench tool to fixeth plumbing problems

And rememb'r, one shalt NOT disturb the King Richard!



Game Design and Art - Julia Rässa & Sylvia Smatanová

Programming - Jeroen Bosch

Music - Pekka Koivisto

Sound FX and Voice Acting - Aarni Aspi

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Side Scroller