Got Wood?

In the depths of space on a small chunk of rock reside a beaver and lumberjack. No one really knows how they got there, but one thing's for sure: each need to build a home, and there's only enough wood for one of them! Got Wood? is a head-to-head action game where two players race to repair their homes before the opponent can complete theirs. Player one is a lumberjack who wants to build a cabin, while player two is a beaver who wants to build a lodge. Chop down trees, haul them back, build your homestead, and defend it from the opposition. Players can win by either finishing their home, or completely destroying the opponent's base. This game uses dual-stick (Xbox / PS) controllers as the only input option. Two players are required to play. Move your character with the left analog stick, chop and attack with the right trigger, tap the X button to jump, and hold the left trigger to drag logs. Release a log next to your base to repair it.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Alex Ivan: Environmental Artist and Shader Technician

Duncan Metcalfe: Sound Designer & Composer, [email protected]

Jared Gyorffy: 3D Modeller & Character Animator     [email protected]

Tomas Rigaux: Programmer, [email protected]

Tyler Justinen-Teite: Programmer, Audio implementation    @Insythor    [email protected]

Reid Paulhus: Programmer, [email protected]

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