Global Showdown

"Daddy Nature strikes back, he'll get rid of those pesky polluters and repair the Earth once and for all!" Voted as the best game of the Global Game Jam in Amsterdam! In this game, players each try to repair the world in their own way; either through placing beautiful trees, or creating a thriving industry with factories. By using any means nessecary, they'll try to stop their opponent from ruining that beautiful world they so desire! Drop down meteors, freeze oil tankers in their tracks, or turn those awful trees into paper. After one round, the roles and ideals are reversed! The game is played by two players, with the game consisting of two rounds. The game can be played with controllers (such as Xbox or PlayStation controllers), one person can also take control using the mouse and the WASD keys.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)

Bas Hoogeboom - Developer
Jari Senhorst - Developer
Niels Meijer - Developer
Tess Vermeeren - Art

And a special thanks to Stef Duijkers for the music!

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