SHARK WEEK WIZARD: The Game That Doesn't Make Sense: The Game

You're a wizard, a sad lonely man, in a tower, in a forest, by the sea. Seeking solace from solitude, you cast a net into the ocean, hoping to score a smoking hot merlady. You ended up with sharks instead ): But you're a flipping WIZARD! Use your magic and turn those sandpapery skanks into some slippery sirens (; Unfortunately, your spell goes wrong when you add fishnets to the cauldron instead of pantyhose. The result is an army of strumpet sharks, each one angrier than the last! They synced up on the same cycle, and in a PMS induced rage they've begun destroying your tower! Fortify the fortress with your magical rubber ducky hammer to defend your manhood as long as you can...It's SHARK WEEK!!!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product), Virtual reality head mount display (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.)

Matthew Perry: Art Lead/Level Design

Adam Worrell: UI Programming

Curtis Madigan: AI Programming

Heather Perry: 3D Modeler

David Short: 3D Modeler Props/Environment

Zach Mathewson: Programming

Michelle Mathewson: Character Design/Concept Art

Brandon Zeff: 3D Modeler

Sarah Pace: Concept/Cover Art

Vince Parrish: Audio Lead

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