Frame of Mind

In a time lost to history, you are responsible for repairing its legacy. In an effort to uncover the mysteries of the past, you are a historian restoring paintings alongside a not so certain curator. Repair the tattered paintings with your discovered scraps, and seek the truth. Or, discover your own timeline. (Controls: W/A/S/D - Move), (Mouse: Move to adjust camera, left - click: Interact with environment, left - click + drag (Inspect Mode): Drag paint scraps, left - click + drag (Painting Mode): Paint on picture)
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Requires a Windows or Mac OSX installation to play.
Installation Instructions: 

1. Download the zip file

2. Unpack it

3a. For OSX:

- Select the FrameOfMind_OSX folder, click the FrameOfMind exe to play

3b. For PC:

- Select the FrameOfMind_PC folder, click the FrameOfMind exe to play


Bryan Kisby - Technical Lead, Gameplay/UI Programmer

Josh Good - Creative Director, Gameplay/UI Programmer

Meghan Tankersley - 2D Artist

Cedar Edwards - 2D Artist

Jackson Taylor - 3D General/Texture Artist

Alex Youngblood - 2D Artist, Narrative Designer

Hassan Durant - Composer, Narrative Designer

Asa Price - Narrative Designer

Timothy Dahm - Level Designer, QA


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