The tragedy that has befallen Australia has been devastating. With many home lost, many species in Australia are reportedly threatened with extinction due to these fires. Wildfires are no laughing matter, and in some way we wanted to spread awareness of this tragedy, while also offering a means to help repair it. Welcome to F.A.S.T, you are a trainee firefighter off on a VERY dangerous rescue mission! There are many poor kangaroos in the local area left stranded on the roads and one of the evacuated cities, grab as many as you can to save them! But beware, the fire will continue to spread even if you're right there! Time is of the essence, you can save everyone, but one or two mistakes may cost them their chance. However, even just saving a few lives is good, as these survivors are their best chance at repairing their charred ecosystem as well as their own local ecology among their species. There is no band-aid solution, but this is just the first necessary step of many in order to begin the healing process--and oh boy it's a dangerous first step you've found yourself into! Don't stop running forward, and don't look back!
Jam year: 
Family gaming (sponsored)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Eco Action
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
We just used blueprints and base game audio, with the exception of the game's song, composed by one of our designers. (Jesse Givens)
Installation Instructions: 

This should be the 64 bit .exe package. A brief tutorial is inside the actual game upon launch. 


Jesse Givens (Designer, composer, level 1 designer), Timmy Lo (Designer, UI/UX), Sichun Zhang (Artist), Yibran Calderon (Level 2 designer), Gary Fung (Designer, level 2 designer), Michelle "Kit" Perez (Interface designer)

Game Tags: 
Third Person