Fancy Misfortune

A romantic trip in the wild waves of the Mediterranean Ocean becomes a disaster, when a luxurious boat is subject to numerous consecutive damages that our daring couple must face to get to the ground safe. Our fabulous hero, Fancy Mostacho, must run to each of the unfortunate mishappenings that occur around the ship. You will need the skills to go through each of the rooms through the doors and stairs that are there, do the maintenance each of the accidents that occur with a single repair movement and you must be attentive to the lights of the boat that will warn you in advance each of the dangers that the external tide will cause.
Jam year: 
The Roaring 20s
Hi, Rez!
And Now, The Weather
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
1. Unity Engine. 2. Visual Studio Code. 3. Adobe Suite CC. - Illustrator. - Photoshop. - After Effects. 4. Toon Boom Harmony. 5. Gimp. 6. Texture Packer. 7. Ableton. 8. FL Studio.
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip file. Go to game folder and run Repair.exe.


Nicolás Alvarez - Character Design

Henry Amaya - Scenary Design

Jessi Velandia - UI Design

Andrés Urquijo - Programming


Zafire Dragoon - Music

Works in the GGJ:


Nicolás - Henry - Jessi


Henry - Jessi

Engineering Development


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