Don't Touch My Human !

It's a game with two different phases : -A Runner with a Camera behind the Player. -A Shoot'em up with a Camera watching the player from above. You control a White Cell who must defend his human's organs from viruses by going from one zone to an other, picking power up/utility items along the way, then by shooting at the viruses while repairing the holes they make in the body. Due to time managment issues and an idea too ambitious for our team experience, we couldn't finish the game in time. But we still had fun making the game and we hope you will have fun playing it ;).
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Modeling with 3DS Max Texturing with PhotoShop

Valérian (Naarveil) HANNY- Programmer

Alexandre (Dereusme) DEREUSME - Programmer

Thomas (FouleHistory) HINGRAY - Programmer

Bastien (LeMageBC) CIRILLO - GD/ART

Mai Ly (Maily) IGNATIO - ART

Morgan (Kumadori) AUSTEN- GD/ART

impact - Music Composer


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Third Person