Don't Sink!

You are a pirate on a sinking ship! Run and Jump, plug leaks, don't sink! (and watch out for the animals!) Controls: Arrow keys: move Space: Jump Ctrl: Repair leaks
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Made with Unity 2018.4 long term support version, Tested on Windows 10, likely works on other Unity targets but untested Also used... Bleeper by Cedric Stoquer ( Piskel by Julian Descottes ( DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design (
Installation Instructions: 

On Windows 10  Unzip the file and run Don't Sink (GGJ20).exe


Team Mike's Flat
Mike: Flat, Coder and Unity wrangler extraodinaire
Jungwoo: Pixel Art and Music
Johnson: Retro Sound Meister, Title Screen, Voice Over and Trailer
Ryan: Pixel Art, Animation Coding, Voice Over and Trailer
Andrew: Tiny bit of coding, Additional object Pixel Art, Additional retro sounds 

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