A game about repairing the human mind. In 2070 a group of psychologists and engineers unlocked the ability to access and edit people's brains. This resulted in our company, Theraprogress! The year now is 2075, and this technology has turned into software used by every psychologist! Here at Theraprogress, we call it "Mind Explorer". Talking to patients is no longer necessary! They can be edited through the Mind Explorer software for a (surely) way more comfortable experience. The Mind Explorer comes with many benefits, including the ability to create idealized thoughts in individuals, delete negative thoughts and shorter education times for psychologists and therapists around the world! Join us now and start treating your first patient tomorrow! Theraprogress! For a future of healthy minds! How to play: In this game, you explore files as in a regular windows explorer. There is one difference, however, and that is you are exploring the brain of a patient. Figure out his problem and how to fix it. Good luck!
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Unreal UI
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Disclaimer: We haven't completely finished the game, and not all aspects of the game work because of this, as might be expected from a GGJ game ;p Hope what is there can be enjoyed.

In the download link is a presentation of the concept and what the game was meant to be,



CEO and Glorious Leader
Catharina Due Bøhler

Catharina Due Bøhler
Sondre Wedding Nyheim
Yvette Bublitz

Mohamed Samir Said Adib Kwaik

Vanja Cecilie Istad
Fanny Roaldsnes

Thanks for contributions to
Martin S. Steen for assisting with programming
Jørn Ytterdal for assisting with writing

Mental helplines
EU: 0047 91 116 123
USA National suicide prevention line (also for mental distress): 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Resource page for mental health lines for Asia: 

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