Depths Of Despair

Help a group of psychologically damaged hammerhead sharks (and their friends) by listening to their problems and finding objects that will help them feel better. Controls: WASD or arrow keys: move around the world. Left mouse click: talk to sharks and interact with them. Move over objects: picks them up. Give objects to sharks: select the object with the scroll wheel, the press the spacebar.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Photoshop, Audacity (open source), Unity.
Installation Instructions: 

Windows: Download the zip file, unzip, and run the .exe.


Dorian Dutrieux
2D art
2D art conversion
game design

Mandy J Watson
audio design
audio editing
game design
narrative and writing

Additional assistance
Danny Day (programming), Rodain Joubert (programming), Herman Martinus (programming), Jean-Jacques Rossouw (scanning and editing)

Sharks designed by
Corli de Kock, Dorian Dutrieux, Rodain Joubert, Charlotte Martinson, Herman Martinus, Ryan Mazzolini, Mandy J Watson

Future sharks (to be added post jam) designed by
Danny Day, Dorian Dutrieux, André Janse van Vuuren, Adoné Kitching, Willie Knoetze, Rass, Francois van Niekerk


Third party assets


Air (or steam) pressure release by brunoboselli
Creative Commons 0 Licence

Sonar pings assorted.wav by sirplus
Creative Commons 0 Licence

Train Door Beep, A.wav by InspectorJ (
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

Underwater Sound by Fabrizio84
Creative Commons 0 Licence

whale yawn.aif by sol3noid
Sampling+ Licence


Itim by Cadson Demak
Open Font Licence

Unity Assets

Doodle Engine by anonymous contributor
Used with permission

Simple Inventory Bar by Frederic Babord
Apache Licence Version 2.0


One index finger slammed in a car door (don’t worry - it’s ok)


Special thanks at the Cape Town, South Africa jam site

Venue sponsor: Vega
Food sponsors: André Odendaal, Vincent Kruger, Free Lives, Renderheads, Formula D Interactive
Bakery that made brunch and Sunday breakfast baked goods at a major discount: Emilias Foods
The GGJ site officer who really looked after all of us: Jean-Jacques Rossouw

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