Dead Fish

This Kappa wants you to clean his home, but the evil industry keep throwing trash at his lake. Try not to kill any fish or Kappa will get angry at you!! You can use the up arrow key to throw food at the lake to attract them. Just be careful, if you give them too much food they will grow bigger and bloat the play area. You must be really precise to take up the pick up the tires only with the back of the spear. [CONTROLS]: left,right and down to controll the spear; up to throw bait; Space to reset when lost ; esc to quit.
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Eco Action
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Godot Engine
Technology Notes: 
Godot, Blender, Piskel, LMMS, Trello
Installation Instructions: 

Open and extract the folder based on your OS and run the .exe (Windows) or .x86_64(Linux)


Programming Team
Karl Probst - Lead Programmer
Gilberto Mayworm Neto
Gabriel Echternacht (t-sc t-sc t-sc)

Game Design
Karl Probst
Gilberto Mayworm Neto

Project Management
Gilberto Mayworm Neto
Gabriel Echternacht (t-sc t-sc t-sc) - Trello Guy

3D Art
Lara Duarte De Queiroz Barros (flordewasabi) - Character Design, 3D Sculpting, Hand Painted Textures
Gilberto Mayworm Neto - Retopology, Pre-Rendering Sprites

2D Art
Victoria Maria Medeiros Simões - 2D Sprites
Lara Duarte De Queiroz Barros - UI Design, Background Art

Josué Kirino da Silva

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