D-I-Why? Armour Guy

Why spend a fortune on repairing your weapons and armour? D.I.WHY Armour guy offers an extreme discount and the product is always handled with the utmost care. We use the most efficient tools to fix, mend and repair a flurry of different equipment.* Most things in life can be fixed with three essential tools, sellotape, wooden planks and a hammer. Use these tools to quickly send the equipment back to the owner, otherwise, time will run out and your renowned title as "D-I-WHY Armour Guy" will all be for nothing. Controls: WASD - Movement Move to the left and right-hand side of the room to find tools. Click on the red tools to equip them, only one tool can be carried at a time. (These will appear at the bottom left of the screen) The broken item you are working on is in the centre of the room. Use the appropriate tool to fix the correct type of damage on each segment of the item. Fix 5 items in a row with 0 mistakes to add 25 seconds to your time Aim for the highest possible score! Ribbit! *Disclaimer: D-I-WHY Armour Guy accepts no responsibilities for any damage, injuries or cases of death resulting from shoddy work as a result of make-shift tools or poor skill.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

The Team!


- Mustafa Sibai - Portfolio

- Kyle Laihee - Portfolio

- Sethiel Jann Cosio - Portfolio


Programmer / Designer

- Anna Tookey - Portfolio


Designer / Animator

- Harold Austria - Portfolio



- Paulo Pineda - Portolio 

- Mai Alali - Portfolio

- Amos Mwape - Portfolio



- Jonathan Conroy - Portfolio

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Point & Click