Cursed Dust

The player has to figure out how to reach the end. Player better be attentive to option menu.Taking too much time will reset the game Hints: In story mode: help Clarke ! Online mode: You host, your rules! Now, find the end and good luck with that.
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Is there anybody out there?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
GSuite Adobe Creative Suite
Installation Instructions: 

Download the Zip.

Launch the .exe

try to get to The End


Mathieu Sancho is a lucky singer from Denmark is obsessed with licking envelopes. He has beautiful, yellow eyes. His biggest fear is getting bitten by a crocodile. He has to save the world from rising sea levels.

Brice Maurin is a twenty-year-old butcher is angry about his football team losing. He usually wears woolly clothes. He strongly dislikes his co-worker. His purpose in life is to protect others.

Clément Bigot is a scheming man from Europe who can only laugh it is full moon. People often compare him to a supermodel. He comes from a working class family. He is striving to redeem himself after saying a rude word in a blog post.

Nicolas Counil is a nineteen-year-old chef is angry about global warming. Physically, he is built like a truck. His biggest fear is turning to the dark side. On Sundays, he likes to try and save the world.

Sunlight: Netcode

Parrot jungle: "Cursed Dust" IP ownership for books

notclip: LensFlare consulting

David Fesliyan: Main Theme music (Destruction)

Nicolai Kilstrup: Gun Model

IronBelly studios Inc.: Main character Hands

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Point & Click