Close Haul

Race your Sail boat while repairing it from the perils of the open sea! Play as a crew of two (single player switches between the two, two players can each play their part) As the Mainsheet Trimmer you're in charge of the direction of the Main Sheet/Sail to determine how fast the boat moves. You can also raise and lower the Main Sail to repair it. As the Helmsman you're in charge of the Tiller and can control the direction of the ship, navigating the buoys and rocks. Work together with a friend or coordinate things yourself to steer and and change speed so that you stay afloat and reach the finish line first! Each position has an action to do a quick repair or a long repair. Long repairs last longer, but they take longer to perform. Mainsheet trimmers will patch tears in the main sheet or just lower it to avoid damage, at the cost of speed. Helmsmen will bail water to quickly stay afloat, or plug holes to solve the leak longer.
Jam year: 
A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes: 
The game is made in SDL using C++, and can be compiled and ported to just about anything. Designed with Clockwork Pi in mind for target platform of executable. Focus for build will be on Linux and Windows during game jam, git repo will likely add other builds as I get to them. This will be FOSS (Free Open Source) for anyone to download, modify, compile, learn, use on their own.
Installation Instructions: 

Compatible linux systems should be able to execute the closehaul executable in the root directory. (For instance bash$ ./closehaul )

Currently compiled for Linux x86_64 kernel 4.19 Manjaro 4.19.99-1-Manjaro 18.1.5, can be easily built on your own architecture by running your-shell$ make all from the project root directory and using the following libraries (must be installed before running make): SDL2 SDL2_image SDL2_mixer. A good tutorial for setting this up on any platform can be found at Lazyfoo's SDL tutorial page.

Since I didn't accomplish too much this weekend I plan to continue work and you'll be able to track that on my github page.


Alan Youngblood - Art, Code, Design

Simon Zaleski - Music, Audio

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Side Scroller
Third Person