Loop the Loop

"A long Time ago, there was a clock that counted all Time. But now, that clock is falling apart. And Time is breaking. You must work in the past and present to repair it. But Time is fleeting." Clock Tower is a platformer game about a robot trapped in a time loop that must repair a broken clock tower, alternating with a past version of himself that can place blocks in the path ahead to aid his journey. Use the WASD keys to move. While controlling your past self, use the spacebar to place new blocks for the present self to traverse in.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Godot Engine (3.2)

Vitor Fugita (fuugita) - Art
Kalil Brito (kcabra) - Game Development
Milena Leimig (mleimig) - Art and Music
Tomás Manzi (Sanshoo) - Game Design

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