Where's Raptus

WHERE’S RAPTUS is a 2D Puzzle 'fixit' game with adventure elements. Every level our hero Laptus has to fix the destruction left behind by his mischievous friend Raptus. To complete a level Laptus must piece together and repair an item that eludes to where Raptus is next.
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Mac OS X
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GameMaker (any product)
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HTML Link send viewers to a dropbox with the Presentation document (as HTML). In it we introduce the characters and the story and our vision for the game. 

Please note our team did not have any devs so we learned Game Studio for the event. The Demo shows the click and drop mechanic, and the success screen for the first level only. The failure conditions have not been implemented (requiring code for the hotspots to recognise correct and incorrect items).





Game Designer - Poss Kondeatis Design and Animation - Christiana Polyviou Story & Characters - Alessia Rizzato, Oscar Fernández

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