Castle Repair

Up to 4 players compete to repair their castle first. Before each round, players choose cards to play, which alter the gameplay. Be the last one standing to earn points, and use those points to either upgrade your character, or repair your castle. Upgrading your character allows you to select more cards, and increases both your move speed and attack speed. Each round, you draw a new card, and can select up to as many cards as your player level. The strategy is to not be distracted by pumping all your points into repairing the castle. While that is your main objective, you will quickly begin to fail every round if you don't spend some points to upgrade your base stats. However, if you always select the maximum number of cards, you will quickly run out of options.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Requires Xbox Controllers for each player

Wesley McWhorter - Programmer, Design, Graphic Development @WesMcW

Jake Klein - Programmer, Design, Graphic Development @kleinja25

Leah Blasczyk - Programmer, Design, Graphic Development @LeahBla

Nathan Frazier - Sound Design, Design, Programmer, Graphic Development @somebadRAM

Kyle Mcclendon - UI Design, Programmer

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