Defeat the evil cubes with the power of your cards!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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CardWreck! is a deck-building card game reminiscent of Slay the Spire and other games in the genre.
There's a twist, though: all your cards have two effects. You can either play your card normally, paying the energy cost on the top right, and only enact the first effect, or pay the energy cost AND destroy the card to activate both.
Destroyed cards cannot be used during the current battle, but in-between battles you'll be able to use the forge to repair your broken cards and make them more powerful.
Defeat all 4 enemies to win the game!


At the beginning of each turn, the player draws 5 cards. If no more cards are available in the deck, the discard pile is shuffled and used as a new deck. If no more cards are available, none is drawn.

Click a card (left mouse button) to use it - it will only activate the first effect and added to the discard pile
Right-click a card (right mouse button) to break it - it will activate both effects, but it will be added to the broken pile and be lost for the duration of the battle.

To use a card, you need to spend the energy cost (upper right corner of the card). Your current energy is visible on the left side of your hand.
Cards can unleash different types of effects:
DAMAGE - deal that amount of damage to the enemy;
SHIELD - add that amount of shield points to your character. Shield points are used in place of HP when damage is dealt. Shield points are reset at the beginning of each turn;
HEAL - restore that amount of HP;
DRAW - draw that many cards from your deck;
ENERGY - restore that amount of energy.

When you are done playing cards, press the PASS TURN button to start the enemy's turn.

The enemy has 3 possible actions: DAMAGE, SHIELD and HEAL. They have the same effects shown above.
The panel on top of the enemy shows the enemy's intention, alas the action it will activate on its turn. (Be careful: SHIELD intention means the shield will be active on your NEXT turn).

When you defeat the enemy, you'll move on to the FORGE PHASE.

When an enemy is defeated, the forge phase starts.

The number at the top is your forge points. The amount of forge points depends on the enemy you just defeated.

On the right, you will see your current deck. No interaction is possible.
On the left, the cards you broke are listed, along with the cost in forge points needed to repair them (in blue). You can hover over them to see the card you will get by repairing them (note: it will be a more powerful version of the original card!). Click a card to spend the amount of forge points and add the powered-up card to your deck!

Any unspent forge point at the end of the forge phase will be added to your character's max HP.

After pressing the button on the top right, you'll move on to the next BATTLE PHASE.

If you survive 4 battles, congratulations! You're the winner!

Note: When restarting after a Game Over, the first hand will be of 8 cards instead of 5. It's definitely not a bug, we swear.


Danilo Aimini (programming)
Matthew Becker (modeling, animation, art integration)


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