Busted Beach

Busted Beach is a game where you arrive as a carpenter fox who is out of work, and heard that some of the residents on a beach-like island were in need of some help rebuilding their homes. Along the way you build yourself a home, build friendships, and try to discover the cause of all the vandalization. Dynamic music is a key feature of the game. You get to think of a town theme song along your initial boat ride to this musical island, and will customize the music throughout. Residents will also change their tune as you become better friends. Note: There's not much instruction about how to start. Once you are off the boat, there will be an indicator straight ahead of the boat on the beach. This is your home to rebuild and you'll need to get 100 logs to build it (click on the building to rebuild). The tune may change throughout your gathering to let you know you're closer to completion. Then you'll be able to talk to the residents and obtain more quests, dialogue, and music. Controls: - WASD to move - Right click to interact - Left click to repair
Jam year: 
Hi, Rez!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
FMOD was used to make the music dynamic.

Made by:

  • Aidan (Music & Programming)
  • Jade (Art)
  • Kallin (Programming) 
  • Matt H (Programming)
  • Matt M (Writing & Programming)
  • Shelby (Art & Programming)
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