Broken Game

Gorillabot is hungry! But, oh no! The game developer isn't quite done yet. Help Gorillabot repair the game to get to his banana split.
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Running the game


Broken Game runs as a standalone program in Windows 10.

  1. Download and extract
  2. Run BrokenGame.exe.

Other platforms

Broken Game was partially developed using Arch Linux, but due to time constraints a standalone Linux executable was not created. To build and run on non-Windows platforms, obtain Unreal Engine 4.24, extract, and open/build the project.


  • Players may use a single keyboard or a keyboard and controller.
  • Player 1 (Gorillabot) can move using the left controller stick, arrow keys, or WASD.
  • Player 2 (the developer) can place crates with the 1 key, slow hazards with the 2 key, rotate certain sections of levels with the 5 key, and reverse gravity with the 6 key.
  • Pressing the Escape key at any time will exit to the main menu.

Brian Schroeder - Level Designer

Jason Plank - Programmer

Justin Hill - Visual and Audio Design

Meg Hill - Visual Design

Chris Schultz - Programmer

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