"The world is barren. Grow into hope for the future, along with the rest of the world." Grow as far as you can into the earth while avoiding rocks and picking up nutrients. Your tree will be recorded in a forest for all to see. -------------------------------- Please zoom out your browser if you can't see the whole game! Movement: A/D or Left/Right arrow keys Sun/Yellow power up: extra stamina Red/Leaves power up: extra speed Purple/Water drops power up: slows down stamina drain This is Soupware's official Global Game Jam 2020 entry, with the theme of repair. We will likely be updating this game post-jam -- please look forward to it! The game features an online record of all gameplay sessions -- every tree in the forest came from a playthrough! If no other trees appear on the tree view, you may need to reload the page, or double check you're connected to the Internet.
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Team Members:

Nigel Rodriguez - Mid
Erwin Dennis Umali - Flex pick
Eveth Nocon - DPS
Jeru Mercado - Jungler
Joseph Benjamin Pacia - Support


Moonrise by Chad Crouch -
Starlight by Chad Crouch -

gravel road by seth-m -
Notification by DJenzyme -
3 up 2 by Leszek_Szary -
Impacts 101 by aglinder -
Beep 04 Positive 2 by PaulMorek -


Janda Swirlygirl by Kimberly Geswain -

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