Blacksmith Rune Defender

Blacksmith Rune Defender (BRD) is a singleplayer 2d game in which you control a blacksmith with a dark past called Wilfred who hired mercenaries to protect him. Monster are coming in 3 different lanes. The player must build the correct rune combination and give the mercenaries their previously fixed weapons, if he doesn’t succeed, They will be upset and let the monsters pass through the smith. Tutorial: The mercenaries will ask you to perform a rune combination. Using the four buttons on the joystick or the WASD keys you will have to put the runes in the correct order. The runes position will be shown on the bottom left corner of the screen, if you put a wrong combination, keep pressing and the board will clear. Then, use the trigger or space bar or upper key to complete and deliver the weapons you fixed. You must be in the correct lane while delivering, you need to move using the left-right keys/analog. Keep in mind you can move before making the combination, but beware! You only have 7 seconds to make it. If you can't achieve this, the given time decreases Every 10 completed requests the rules of the game will change increasing the difficulty, times will decrease, spawns will increase and more runes will added to the combination. Fun, isn’t it?.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Unzip the files and execute the game (EXE or Application)



Eva Correa
Marcos Talento


Leandro Camara
Yomira Martínez

-Game Design-

Gonzalo Martínez

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