Beeyond Repair

In a world where the nature is dying a bee and its friends decide to take an action and repair the vegetation starting from the flowers. There are deadly enemies trying to stop the bee from achieving its goal but the bee is not alone. The hive is willing to support its brave soldier and continue its journey to save the planet.
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Eco Action
Linux / Unix
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Done using a custom-made game engine based on the SDL2 framework inspired by the Entity-Component-System model in Unity.
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The executable is compiled against Ubuntu Linux 18.04 x64 platform. Additional dependencies: libsdl2, libsdl2_image, libsdl2_ttf. Lauch by opening a terminal in the directory of the executable and typing ./beeyond_repair

For Windows and Mac, you can download the compilation files and build using a C++ compiler. You should link the SDL2, image and TTF libraries in order to compile. Please refer to SDL2 documentation about how to link your executable with SDL. You can clone the game engine at GitHub: For any questions you can contact me at: zamfir.yonchev @


Game engine and coding: Zamfir Yonchev Game assets and animation: Boryana Gancheva Level design and theme: Ivan Paunov & Ivanka Name: Zamfir and Ivan Inspiration: the honey at the jam site

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Side Scroller