Your beehive has been hit by an meteorite, now all the bees have to work together to repair the beehive. Players can participate in two ways, either as bees (via Webbrowser) or by providing flowers, wasps and swards (Telegram messenger). The goal of the game is to fix all broken honeycombs. Therefore the flowers must be collected, transformed by a machine and carried to the broken combs. Some of the broken honeycombs are blocked by wasps which have to be killed before the comb can be repaired, to achieve this swords have to be picked up. The bees can only work in a specified temperature range. To increase the temperature the bees have to dance, the temperature drops because of the broken combs. The Players have to organize themselves and split the tasks to achieve their goal. The flowers and wasps are sent to the game by another group of participants. For each flower emoji sent in the associated telegram group chat ( a flower is added to the game, for each wasp one more wasp has to be defeated by the bees. The telegram players can also equip the bees with swords by sending a sword emoji to the group.
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A kind of cooperation (sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
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Python 3 (pygame) html inkscape telegram
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