BE my BEE - a delicious adventure for two

Actual Honey + Crackers + Props = A physical, co-operative game you play as a pair of bees - a Worker and a Queen - co-operating against Fate & Time to Repair your Hive.
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Installation Instructions: 

To play BE my BEE at your own garden, kitchen or beehive you'll need the following ::

  • The Print-It-Yourself .pdfs contained in the Play Now .zip 
  • A 5 ml syringe (cheap from your local pharmacy)
  • A surface you don't mind dripping honey on

You'll also need the following materials for each game you play (lasting 5 rounds - 10 minutes) ::

  • 4 disposable gloves (surgical / kitchen will do the trick)
  • 5ml of Honey (preferrably thick and tasty!)
  • 1 Cracker (try rice, corn - aim for thick but lightweight, crunchy and absorbant)


Brief overview ::

The Worker takes the pieces of the broken Hive - represented by a crunchy, preferably organic Cracker - and tries to make it whole again. The Queen makes this possible by dripping thick, sticky Honey from her royal Syringe on the Cracker's pieces.

Along the way, they have to also face the hand of Fate, rendering either of the bees Mute, Blind or otherwise disabled. How far will they make it before their Honey, Time or... Patience runs out?

PS: Actual honey, actual syringe,... actual cracker too. Be ready for some crunchily sweet - yet sticky - situations.


Like any great game, "BE my BEE" was inspired by a pun.

Its original title "Repair me Honey" led to the Greek-lish pun "repair με honey" (repairing things with honey), and we decided to bring the ancient Japanese art of 金継ぎ (Kintsugi, or the joining of pieces with gold) from the far East all the way to the Mediterranean, and pair it with something traditionally viewed as gold, not only for its visual resemblence but also for its high value (nutritional and culinary alike):


Team members ::

Iris Skolidi (Concept, Illustration, Scenography)
Konstantinos "Tall Guy" Vasileiadis (Concept, Game Design, Scenography)
theoulis (Photos, videos, card-cutting and delicious late-night, home-made, honey-free sushi)

Special thanks to Kalistos Miliaras for getting us out of a big jam, when theoulis' printer, uhm,... jammed.

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