The Bart Man Mugen Mod

A mugen mod with custom character art and a batch file to randomly change the controls every time the game boots up. Just run the "is this joke old yet" shortcut in the file. STORY: The year is 20XX. The Bart is dead. A man — or what’s left of one — clambers through an abandoned building for parts. What had the building once been? Many things, over the years. A factory. A commune. A storehouse. Now, a place for trash that society has forgotten to burn for warmth. Television is long gone — most things are, since The Non-Specific MacGuffin occurred. All that’s left is to farm and survive. There are a few sentimentalists left, or people who want a slightly more stable hovel to return to. Those people need a repairman. A hero. Our hero — if you could call him that — searches the debris for a better life that he doubts he will find. He digsdeeper into the trash piles that day, though he couldn’t tell you why. Maybe boredom. Maybe a feeling. Maybe needing to feel something. His hands graze something warm. He pauses. Earth has been cold ever since The Non-Specific MacGuffin. Nothing should be warm, unless it’s alive. And nothing should be alive here. He finds a grip and lifts it through the trash. As he locks eyes with the object, everything moves in slow motion. It’s… a hat. Half of a mask? Instinctively, the repair man says aloud: “Bart.” Bart is warm. Bart is welcoming. Bart is asking to be worn. Our hero doesn’t care what happens next. Without pausing, he tilts it onto his head. Something in him comes to life, for the first time in the repairman’s existence, and that thing… it has a name. The year is 20XX. Long live the Bart.
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
made with MUGEN and a windows batch file
Installation Instructions: 

Open folder Mugen Folder and use the "is this joke old yet" shortcut to run the game


Coding - Bob D. McCarthy III
Art - Alexandros Nicolaou
Story - Derek Dashiell

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