Alien Wave

Find your way to freedom in this amazing AR experience for your mobile device! You are trapped inside a room. You only have 20 seconds to escape before it's too late... Defeat the aliens to gather enough energy and make the remote device work again. Unlock the doors and that's it! Can you do it? NOTE: This game requires AR CORE support. See the list of compatible devices here:
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Feel your breath
Mi Casa es tu Casa
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This game has been made using Unity 2019.2.19 and the Google AR Core framework. This game requires Android 7.1+. This game requires AR CORE support to work. See the list of compatible devices here:
Installation Instructions: 

Install Alien Wave in three simple steps:

  1. Get the APK from our public repository.
  2. Check compatibility, and check if you can install apps from unknown sources. (If you can't, refer to this short guide:
  3. Install and have fun!

William Robayo (Will)

Lead Developer - AR designer - Spreading a new desease

Juan Sebastián Rojas (Sebas)

Lead 3D artist - 2D Artist - Illustrator - Ping pong player

Jerónimo Quiñones (Mechudo)

2D artist - Pixel Art - GUI - Voice actor - Now with less hair

Ana Beatriz Mojica (Ana)

Unity Developer - Integration programmer - Will soon graduate

Geovany Sánchez (Geovany Sánchez)

Unity Developer - Gameplay Programmer - Nice guy

Luciana Rodriguez Noya (Lu)

3D Artist - GUI Artist - Concept illustrator - Writer - Faster than anyone else

Sebastián Gómez Rosas (Comodín)

Unity Help - Audio Designer - SFX - Music - He didn't want to code at all.


Special Thanks to: Adrianes for the title song, Cristian Quintero and Coworking Labs folks for their hospitality!

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