Steam Engineer

Good day, and welcome to the S. S. Albatross! As you well know, the S. S. Albatross is one of a long line of autonomous dirigibles. While they require no pilot, they still need occasional maintenance, especially in the extremely rare case that the ship enters Unfriendly Skies. As a Bonafide Steamworks Engineer, your task is to ensure the Albatross gets to where it needs to go safely, losing as little cargo as possible. You’ll find everything you need onboard. In the rare occurrence that we enter Unfriendly Skies, our Patented Sure-Fire-Fully-Auto-Functioning-Cannon will swiftly engage any Undesirables that targets the Albatross. Again, unlike lesser dirigibles, this ship is a Fully Certified Autonomous Dirigible and requires no input from an engineer. Do keep in mind that every lost package comes out of your paycheck. If, by some rare happenstance, an Undesirable attacks, supplies may be lost. It is in your best interest to arrive in an expedient fashion. Fair skies, Engineer!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Artists: Griff Crow, Cari Bates, Jacob Bradshaw

Programmers: Jerry Bradshaw, Jacob Bradshaw, Merddyn Sheeley

Sound Designers: Jacob Bradshaw, Pauline Bronstein

Gameplay Designers: Jerry Bradshaw, Jacob Bradshaw, Griff Crow

Creative Assistance: Pauline Bronstein

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