Be-Bo's Breakdown

Help Be-Bo repair himself after a failed attempt to escape a prejudiced world.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Photoshop- Assets, Adobe Premiere- Sound Editing, GarageBand- Music, Adobe Audition- Sound Editing, Adobe Illustrator- Assets, Rhino 6.0- Assets, Audacity- Sound Recording

Project Managment: Alec Reihner ([email protected]), Ben Weaver ([email protected])

Character Art: Stevie Digiacomo ([email protected])- Be-Bo and Fe-Bo, Alec Reihner- Shadow People

Background Art: Mike Van Aken ([email protected])- Buildings, Brandon Barnett ([email protected])- Assets, Riley Fulks ([email protected])- Assets, Alec Reihner- Assets

Animation: Stevie Digiacomo- Be-Bo, Brandon Barnett- Shadow People, Alec Reihner- Shadow People

Writing: Riley Fulks

Programming: Ben Weaver

Music: Brandon Cool ([email protected])- Composed Soundrack, Riley Fulks- Featured Singer

Sound Design: Riley Fulks- Narration and Sound Effect, Brandon Cool- Sound Effects, Stevie Digiacomo- Voice of Be-Bo

Level Design: Riley Fulks, Alec Reihner, Ben Weaver, Mike Van Aken

Game Tags: 
Side Scroller