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Presentation Rebroadcast


Lab Spaces
We will be providing lab spaces for all attendees. There will be an SSU Bears exclusive space as well as collaborative spaces for all. Several of our labs such as VR/AR and Motion Capture will only be available when we have a Technician on campus. Tentative hours below.

  • Gaming Commons - ATC 251
    • Presentation & Collaboration Space
  • Project Lab - ATC 253
    • Laptop & Collaboration Space
  • Gaming Lab - ATC 256
    • SSU Bears Exclusive
  • VR/AR Lab - ATC 258
    • Sat 2pm - 10pm
  • Motion Capture Lab - ATC 109
    • Sat 12pm - 6pm

Food Items

We are partnering with Tim Hortons to supply coffee and snacks on Saturday & Sunday for all attendees.

The SSU Bear's den caffeteria will be available to the public at a cost. Portsmouth also has many lovely cafes, resturants, and pubs near campus.

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18+ only

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