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Photos taken at this site are now available for you to enjoy! Check the URLs below:

Event photos:

Facebook page:


YOU CANNOT REGISTER HERE! Make sure to join via DoorKeeper.


There are a few changes besides the venue. Carefully read below before you apply:

We will charge you an entrance fee. Make sure you pick the right ticket!

We have limited power. Laptops are preferred for use in the jam. We strongly advise against bringing in desktop PCs, as some of our jammers did in the past. Sorry!

We still don't open for the entire 48 hours (shame :( ), but this site has an internet café upstairs (floor 4) open for 24 hours. We recommend using it outside our opening hours.

Who Can Participate: 
Anyone. Students must bring their ID.
Age Restrictions: 
18+ & 12+ with parents
Maximum Capacity: 

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