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***Heads up, game presentations are starting at 5pm!!!!!


*Parking info, Poster Files, etc:

*Enter from the south side of the building, down the stairs. We are in the basement level.

*If Anyone has any food allergies or special diets, needs a PC, needs transportation, or has any other needs please contact us as soon as possible so that we have time to set stuff up



Welcome to the Global Game Jam 2019 for Utah!!!

For those that haven't been to the Global Game Jam yet, it is an event where people come together, form small teams, and create a game in three days. This is a chance to learn from your fellow devs, practice your weasel tongue with some networking, form powerful bonds with a bunch of exhausted strangers, or give the game industry a test flight. No experience is necessary, we’re all here to have fun and learn something, no stagnant fools allowed! If you’re a student this is a good chance to work side by side with experienced game devs.

Unless you let us know what you need asap you will need to bring your own tools. We do have a few spare laptops right now but if you let us know early we can get more if need be.


Free Food, Courtesy of our Sponsors:

Plan to bring or get food most of the weekend. There is a fridge and microwave for limited use (as long as you clean up any messes). Probably only one or two meals, got more people than we originally planned for. There will be snacks!


This event is free and open to all!!! Absolutely no experience needed. You are free to work remotely, however it is recommended that you at least attend the opening and closing of the event.




A few of the larger software companies are giving out some free stuff to jammers, here's a link with most of them listed.



Huge Thanks to our Sponsors for making the event awesome!

Utah Geek Events - Food

Google - More Food!

Access Salt Lake - Event Space

The Game Crafter - Board Game Supplies

SpyHop - Volunteers, Setup, Takedown

IGDA - Food

Shovel Jam - Food




Friday: 7pm - KickOff, we will show the intro video and form teams. From here on out the location is open 24/7 so come in and out whenever.

Saturday: Continue work on your games!!! 

Sunday:  *changed to 5pm - presentations start, have your games finished and ready to show off

Any questions please throw something at me and I'll try to get back to you before next year.

Joshua Watts


[email protected]


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IGDA & Shovel Jam

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Minors must be accompanied by legal guardian
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