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1. I am an EAE student, but my friend isn't. Can we register together?

No. Only EAE students with valid student IDs are allowed at the EAE jam. There are no exceptions. If you have a friend who isn't in EAE who wants to jam with you, please check out one of the other amazing jam sites in SLC.


2. Will the site be open for the whole 48 hours?

Nope, because crunch culture sucks. The jam site (EAE labs) will be closing at midnight Friday and Saturday nights and reopening at 10am Saturday and Sunday mornings. This is so that you can get rest, shower, and meal prep if you want. Don't crunch.


3. I'm not sure if I'll be free that weekend. Should I go ahead and register anyway?

No. Only register if you are 100% sure you can attend. We limit registration to 60 people so please don't take a spot from someone else unless you know you can attend. Of course illness and emergencies do happen and we understand that. Don't attend if you're ill just because you registered.


4. Will there be food?

EAE will provide snacks (granola bars, chips, soft drinks, water) during the jam and will also splash out on pizza for Saturday night. You will be responsible for all other meals. If you have pizza-related allergies (e.g. gluten intolerance) please let the organisers know ASAP.


5. What do I get for participating?

A weekend of fun! And while there's no official GGJ award for Best Game, we have internal awards for Best Dressed, Most Salty, Game that Best Fit the Jam Theme, etc.


6. When do we form groups or teams?

6pm on Friday night.


7. Can we come with a team already formed?

No! That breaks the spirit of the Jam!


8. Can alumni join in?

Absolutely. Contact Ashley and let her know what you want to do- judge games? Jam yourself?

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18+ only
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