Collin College GGJ 2019 – Pump Up The Jam!

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5 pm on Friday in H-232

We will watch the keynote, explain the diversifiers and announce the secret theme during the 5-o'clock hour.

H-232 IS A NEW LOCATION in the SAME BUILDING! It's upstairs. Follow the signs. There are classes in our usual labs on Friday night, so please be polite and don't disturb them.


8 pm on Friday in H-232

We will reconvene for game pitches and team sign-up on the whiteboard.

We encourage you not to form teams until all the pitches are done, and then join your favorite game idea! It's creative, fulfilling, and challenging to work with new people and to make new friends -- and this is the best place to do it! Everyone is there for the same reason: to make a game.


On Saturday and Sunday (and possibly late Friday night) we'll be back in our usual labs in K-129 K-130.

We will be open during the hours the building is open and closed during the hours the building is closed. Go home! Sleep! Eat! Shower!


3 pm on Sunday in K-129

We will demonstrate all the games and see what we've created!

Then, we'll take our customary group photo at the base of the stairs. Wear your Gaming swag, especially if it's from GGJ or Texas GGJ.

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18+ only
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