youre the man now dog

guard the house. protect the kitty cats.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Extract archive

Run "youre the man now dog.exe"



W / S - Move

A / D - Turn

Hold Right Click - Scoot 

Left Click - Bite (damages/scares enemies, uses a lot of energy)

Spacebar - Bark (scares enemies, uses little energy)


youre the man now dog

Made by: Zomawia Sailo


Project files too large to host here. Use google drive link.


Used Assets

Music: Kevin Macleod -- noisecollecter, jamius, benbocan, esperri, anovosel, paulmorek, lolamadues, jaylew1987, crazymonke9, thecheeseman, debsound, dream4dreamtheatre, margo-heston, adriancalzon, xcallono, 140084, pogmothoin, cueckermann

Unity Asset Store: BathroomProps, Azerilo, BigFurniturePack, HorseMask2017, Lowpoly Toon Cat Lite, money pack, RPG Food & Drinks Pack, Simple Corridor, SinkAndToilet

Animation, Characters: Mixamo

Donkey Kong 64 audio rips

Game Stills: